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Deity representation Sword or Dagger. Bathe in water, salt, and rose petals or rosemary as a cleansing.

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Done outside on the soil with a salt circle, maybe mark the ritual space with a circle of stones adjacent to the salt circle. An altar of some kind should be in the center of the circle. Any deities or gods you want to aid you should dagger ethereum represented and called upon during this ritual might I suggest Mcness or Laima Cast the circle calling upon the elements and natural world. Then, as dagger ethereum finish the circle envision the Austras Koks World Tree with you sitting in the middle earth sphere.

Spill ale around the circle clockwise inside the salt ring into the soil as an offering to nature and the gods. Meditate for a bit on protection and sigils of unity and nature and protection.

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Chant or sing this: A poplar dagger ethereum by the roadside, Oh glorious plant of rye refr. Crown of the head, forehead between the eyebrows, throat, between the breasts, below the rib cages but above belly button, sexual organs, to the base of the spine.

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Then anoint the back of the neck, your wrists, and your ankles and toes. Ask your deity to help keep these protections against psychic vampires enforced and strong.

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When you are ready, put down the oil and drink a sip of ale and pick up the onyx crystal. Ask that all vampiric or malicious energies or forces directed toward you be either sucked into the crystal and held therefor at your disposal or grounded directly into the Earth for the cycles of nature to deal with.

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This is your choice. The difference here dagger ethereum whether you want power over what has hit you or whether you just want to keep going through your day. Pick up the citrine and ask that it keep your energy pure, loving, productive, and cleansed.

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Pick up the amethyst dagger ethereum ask that it keep your protective energies and health strong and safe. If they are on an amulet ask the gods dagger ethereum bless the amulet and give it dagger ethereum and then kiss it and put it on. If you are putting them in a pouch rest them on the pouch and ask for the gods to bless them with strength and protection and then close of the pouch and ask for a blessing of power as you kiss it. Move the blade clockwise slowly around the circle.

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Allow your body, mind, emotions and soul to create a memory of this feeling and frequency, so that you can access the protection of that sword any time you feel the need for protection, so that you can summon the powers and dagger ethereum of the circle again to help. With the fingers of your left hand draw an dagger ethereum in the soil inside the circle.

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If you feel this is enough, thank the elements and spirits of nature and let them go back to where they came from. Let the deity take your thanks with them as they leave too, and let the Austras Koks fade back into you and the earth and nature around you and close dagger ethereum circle.

Take the dagger ethereum of cold salt water and say goodbye to the fire.

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Thank the earth below you and the air around you and the Sun and Moon above you. Ground the energy and sweep the soil.

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Go eat something and drink something. If problems persist repeat the ritual at the next best time and if they continue to after that either pick up a book on psychic vapmirism or seek more help. Remember, simply asking a person to stop vamping off you is rarely a bad idea. Bright blessings.

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Kristalai: Onyx ar kitų įžeminimo kristalų Citrinas ir ametistas. Arba į pakabukas su pasirenkama apsaugos Sigil ar atskirus turi būti įtrauktos į maišelis, kurie gali būti dėvimi. Neprivaloma maišelis.